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Why Study With Dave and Andrew?

We’ve been doing this for a long time.  In fact, we have more than 30 years of IB experience between us and have literally examined thousands upon thousands of papers and recordings.  We know what works, and our students use the same materials provided on this site.  Learners using our resources leave IB English with a wide range of reading, writing, and speaking skills.  More importantly, they gain the confidence they need to succeed in university.

Teacher and Student Testimonials

At this new school and the previous one, all the English teachers use the resources that you have made freely available online and we cannot rave about them enough. We have also just ordered a resource pack from your website.

Thank you for the good work that you have been doing to the community!

Sou Loung
American International School Johannesburg

I loved, loved, loved the workshop I attended. It was perfectly planned, paced and delivered. It didn't feel like an online workshop at all!

They were sensitive to the group needs and spent time on clarification and explanation of problematic areas. Their expertise and professionalism are amazing. Every teacher leaves the workshop with clarity and a massive amount of ready to use material. It was the best professional workshop I've attended, bar none

Iwona Piecyk
Educator Poland

I love the scaffolded approach you guys use and your voices and personality are a breath of fresh air.

My students take their Paper 1 and Paper 2 next Wednesday and Thursday and I KNOW they are ready and a huge thank you for offering these videos for teachers and students that are out there in IB land.

Julie Christian
Colombia River High School Vancouver, Washington
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