David Giles

David is a triathlete and outdoor enthusiast at heart. He loves traveling with his wife Susan and daughter Nolie and they’ve lived in Seattle, Tanzania, China and now Thailand.

He loves working with Andrew and hopes that this IB English Guys project can benefit many teachers and students.  His nickname is Hamster Wheel since he never stops and seems to always be moving.  Maybe someday he’ll slow down but for now, he’s enjoying the ride.

Contact: dave@ibenglishguys.com

Andrew Cohen

Andrew is an avid reader, traveler, and lover of sports.  He enjoys going on adventures with his family, and he loves to study languages.  He has lived in Ohio, Florida, Japan, and now Thailand.  

He loves working with David, but it sure is exhausting chasing that hamster around!  In all seriousness, working with David has been the most rewarding professional experience a teacher could ever ask for, and he is forever grateful for his friendship.

Contact: andrew@ibenglishguys.com

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