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Dave and Andrew understand that education today looks very different than it did before Covid.  Now, more than ever, kids have the ability to work at their own pace, consume content online, and collaborate in ways they never have before.  This is great, as it means teachers have time to implement a workshop model for instruction.  Andrew and Dave love that our students are autonomous in this model, and students love the empowerment.  Switching to this style of instruction frees up loads of time for those powerful 1:1 teacher-student conferences.  For Dave and Andrew, that’s where the magic happens!  


But, to fully appreciate the power of this instructional model, you’re going to need some help. So, to assist with this teacher/student conferencing model, stay tuned for the following resources coming in the next few weeks:


1. Individual Oral – complete IO student proposal form with teacher conferencing document

2. Higher Level Essay – complete HLE student proposal form with teacher conferencing document

More Exciting News!

Andrew and Dave are excited to share complete and packaged units of study in the near future.  We’re no different than you.  We’re working hard, and we fully embrace the need for complete units teachers can use immediately.  We’ll have it all.  Novels and poets?  Check.  Non-literary bodies of work.  Check.  What about all the different literary forms? Sure, we’ve got those too.  In short, we’ll have loads of units for IB Literature and IB Language and Literature. Check this page in the coming weeks and months.  We’ll continue to add resources!

All units will include:

1. Complete slideshows for each lesson in the unit.

2. Corresponding documents for each lesson.

3. Range of activities that lead to Paper One, Paper Two, IO, and HLE success.

4. Assessments you can deploy immediately.

5. Students samples, scored papers, and guidance on moderating all assessments.

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