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Paper 1 Exam Review

This 8-module downloadable asynchronous course explores two texts: an advertisement and a blog post.  We’ll show you how to closely read a text, write a strong Paper 1 response, and score your own work with accuracy.  More importantly, we’ll give you the resources you need to improve going forward.  Trust us…you need this course!

In this asynchronous Paper 1 Downloadable Course, we break our work into eight smaller modules so students can chunk their learning.  We’ll unpack the criteria, discuss sample responses, point out key language features, and show you the sentence stems and other key words examiners are looking for in student work.  At the conclusion of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and ability to create your own action plan moving forward, and you’ll have loads of resources to help you reach your goals.

Here’s what you get:

  • 8 asynchronous lessons with downloadable documents
  • More than 100 minutes of Paper 1 instructional video 
  • 2 exam texts
  • 2 model responses with examiner discussion
  • Unpacked model responses highlighting each of the four criteria
  • Paper 1 checklist
  • Paper 1 scoring and reflection guide
  • Resource pack for further Paper 1 studies
Abram Arif

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