Paper 1 – IB English Language and Literature (Advertisement)

Andrew · September 19, 2022

Students need clear and accurate feedback to improve their writing.  Let Dave and Andrew read your work, score it, and provide you personalized video feedback on how to improve!  Our students get this level of feedback on a regular basis, and they do very well on Paper 1.  Join them and enjoy similar success! In this course, students will:  

  1. Take an “unseen” Paper 1 assessment (5 minutes reading time, 75 minutes writing time).
  2. Submit typed paper to our platform.
  3. Receive video feedback from Dave or Andrew illustrating strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Receive access to our Paper 1 Student Resource Pack that includes:
  • Highlighted sample paper with written examiner comments
  • 4 additional highlighted papers targeting and explaining each Criterion separately
  • Scoring video where Dave and Andrew break down the sample paper and discuss strengths
  • Complete resource pack with guidance on writing introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions
  • Paper 1 scoring rubric to apply to your future work

Note: Assessment must be submitted within 7 days of purchase. Feedback will be returned within 7 days of submission.

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  • 1 Assessment with Feedback

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