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Paper 2 Exam Review

In this asynchronous Paper 2 Exam Revision Course, you will read two short stories.  The first is A Family Supper by Kazuo Ishiguro.  The second is titled Stones by Timothy Findley.  These stories are rich in both themes and authorial choices, and they make great texts to demonstrate the entire Paper 2 process from start to finish.

We believe in the “we go, you go” method of Paper 2 revision.  This means we’ll model important steps with our short stories, and then ask you to go through the same steps with your selected Paper 2 texts.  After the 10 lessons, you will have written a complete sample Paper 2 essay for your texts under our guidance. We are confident that completing this process will have you well-prepared for exam day.

Our Paper 2 Exam Revision Course includes:

  • 10 complete asynchronous lessons with downloadable documents
  • More than 2 hours of new instructional video from Dave and Andrew not released on YouTube
  • 5 formative checks to ensure understanding of key concepts
  • 2 downloadable short stories for annotation
  • Completed graphic organizers for both stories to model critical thinking skills
  • Empty graphic organizers to complete for your chosen Paper 2 texts
  • Sample Paper 2 response discussing similarities and differences in the 2 stories
  • Examiner scoring notes and video discussion for the sample Paper 2
  • Template for reflection and determining next steps
  • Links to other powerful resources and activities to further supplement Paper 2 revision


Andrew Cohen

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