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The Individual Oral Assessment

Welcome to your one stop shop for everything IO.  Dave and Andrew are confident that working through this page will give you all you need to succeed on the Big Day.  It’s all here.  Whether you are an IB Literature student or an IB Language and Literature student, we’ve broken down the entire process into manageable chunks.  Trust the process.  Crush the IO!

Let's Meet the Assessment:

So what is the Individual Oral anyway?  How much is it worth?  What if I’m taking IB Literature and not IB Language and Literature.  What is my objective in this thing?  No worries!  Dave and Andrew answer all your questions here.  You can’t defeat the beast until you learn what you’re up against. 

Everyone needs to know the details before they begin the process.  We’ve got you covered.  Dave and Andrew know this thing inside and out, and our students smash this assessment.  Join them!  The “IO – Essential Information” video will answer your questions and get you ready to start.

Document: “IO – Essential Information”

Great – you’re making progress!  Now you understand what to do and what NOT to do on the Individual Oral assessment.  Dave and Andrew understand there’s a lot on your mind and many moving parts on this thing.  Accordingly, we’ve distilled some of the major ideas for your convenience.  Watch our “IO – Five Essential Ingredients” video and make sure you don’t miss out on anything big during you IO!

Document: “IO – Five Essential Ingredients”

OK, now it’s time to get started and think about what to include in your work.  Yes, that’s important, but it’s equally important to understand what NOT to do in this assessment. Watch our “IO – What It Is, What It Isn’t” video so you know what to do and what NOT to do on assessment day.

Document: “IO – What It Is, What It Isn’t”

Hey…wait a second!  You’ve told us a lot about what it is, what it isn’t, and what to include in our work, but how is this thing scored? Watch Dave and Andrew break down the different Criteria for this component.  Know what your teacher is looking for.  Know what your examiner is looking for.  Know the pathway to success!  Our “IO – Unpacking the Criteria” video will help unlock the mystery of this assessment.

Document: “IO – Unpacking the Criteria”

Remember: The Global Issue is the "Backbone"

We’ve said it a thousand times.  You’ve got to keep the Global Issue as the focal point of your entire presentation.  And, if indeed it’s the backbone, it better be strong.

Check out our first video on how to narrow down your GI.  We’ll take you through the process you need to know to get you to that Global Issue that is insightful and will “wow” your teacher.

Document: “Refining the Global Issue”

Why do a great thing just once?  Andrew and Dave love to discuss global issues, and we think this second video adds some key points to the first.  Watch them both and nail the GI!

Document: “Refining the Global Issue 2.0”

Now that you understand how to use this page and the requirements of the Global Issue, it’s time to move on to our “Complete Course” for the Individual Oral.  Dave and Andrew strongly believe that working through these videos in succession – and using the supplementary documents for each step – will help you present a strong IO that you will be proud of.  Stay the course.  Watch the Complete Course.  Enjoy your success.

The Individual Oral - The Complete Course

Time to choose your texts and start thinking about that Global Issue!  Where to start?  Start with Video 1 of 5

Document – Starting the IO and Selecting Texts

Now that you’ve chosen your two texts, let’s locate and annotate those extracts! What authorial choices showcase your GI?

Document  – Choosing and Annotating Extracts

OK, you nailed the extract.  How can you link the GI to the work or body or work as a whole? Watch and find out!

Document – Examining Whole Text / Whole BoW

You’re almost there!  Now it’s time to take those powerful ideas and get them organized in your “official” outline.  Not sure how to organize your bullet points?  You only get 10, so choose wisely!

Document – Creating the Outline

Congratulations!  You are just about done with this thing!  Listen to this sample recording and examiner scoring session.  Check out some work from our former student.  Steal the good stuff.  Avoid the bad parts.  Listen and learn!

Document – Sample Recording 

Document – Recording Transcript

Skill Practice and Support for the IO

Nice work!  You’ve finished “Individual Oral – The Complete Course.”  But, are you sure you have command of all the skills?  Remember, you only get one shot at this thing!  So, make sure your structure, discussion of the extracts (zoom in), discussion of the literary work as a whole or the body of work as a whole (zoom out) are fully explored in a balanced way.  Make sure you have a clear introduction, a clear conclusion, and you speak in an engaging and passionate way.  No robotic deliveries!

You’ve got some choices on how to organize this thing, and there’s no “right way” to do it.  However, there is definitely a “wrong” way!  Check out this video for three different structural approaches to the IO.

Document: How to Structure the IO

David says the introduction is the handshake (or bow, or wai, or namaste) with your examiner.  Make a good first impression.  Show your teacher you mean business from the opening second!

Document: How to Deliver the Introduction

Need more support on how to discuss your extracts?  Check out this video and make sure your “zoom in” gets the job done!

Document – How to Zoom In

Nice!  You nailed the extract, but don’t forget to discuss the work as a whole or non-literary work as a whole.  Watch this and zoom out like a pro!

Document – How to Zoom Out

Wait, I chose poetry and there isn’t much support here for that.  Oh…here it is!  If you selected poetry for your IO, check out this video on zooming in.

Document – Zooming In With Poetry

You just looked at the timer and see that you are approaching the 9-minute mark.  Time for that conclusion!  But…what should I say?  Check out this video for some advice.

Document: Concluding the IO

I’ve practiced this thing so many times!  It’s drilled into my memory!  How can I deliver the goods and sound like a scholar?  Easy.  Dave and Andrew have 10 tips to prevent you from sounding like a bored robot.

Document: Deliver and Speak with Confidence

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