Paper Two

Paper 2 is back!  That’s right, we all have tackle this beast starting in May 2023, so it’s time to master the basics about discussing two literary works in a comparative way.  Remember that this task demands that we pay attention to authorial choices and how they shape meaning.  So, when you’re reading your literary works, be sure to pay close attention to the moves the writer makes to communicate important ideas.

Six Videos For Paper 2 Success

Sure, we understand that you want to see sample papers and examiner comments.  Those are coming.  However, none of those support materials matter unless you know the basics of Paper 2.  Watching the videos in this series and reading the accompanying documents will put you in an excellent position to showcase your best comparative writing on assessment day.  Once you have mastered, these skills, then it’s time to move on to practice papers.

Learn how to break down the question and get stay focused.

Document: Breaking Down the Question

Don’t forget to brainstorm and mind map!

Document: Brainstorming and mindmapping


The thesis is important…watch this video!

Document: Writing the Thesis

Block style or alternating style?  Watch this video to find out.

Document: Structuring the Response

Once you have all the skills in place, it’s time to make sure you understand all the key tips and details of this important assessment.  Looking at student and teacher models is also helpful, and we will continue to populate this section as the year progresses.

We know you've written lots of papers in your IB career, but this one is a bit different.  Meet the assessment, learn about the Fab Four, and understand the right approach to help you achieve success on Paper Two.
Document: Paper Two - Details and Tips

Sometimes it's just easier if you show a sample, highlight it, and discuss strengths and weaknesses. That's what you'll get in this video. Notice how the student approaches the work, maintains focus, and shows complete command of references, features, and the language of the question. 
Document: Paper Two - Student Sample

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