Morrison’s seminal work continues to resonate with high school readers today, offering a thought-provoking exploration of race, trauma, motherhood, and memory. If you’re seeking to engage students in thoughtful discussions and critical analysis in your classroom, Morrison’s Beloved is the perfect choice!

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Immerse your students in Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison’s masterpiece, Beloved. The themes of trauma, memory, identity, and resilience resonate with students, and they matter in today’s increasingly polarized world. Morrison’s evocative use of language and sophisticated narrative techniques make this novel an excellent choice for any high school curriculum. This challenging novel is packed with so much to talk about, and your students are sure to enjoy this rich literary experience.

The Beloved unit includes:

  • 10 detailed lessons
  • Two assessment pathways with samples
  • Close reading and annotation activities
  • Discussion questions and sample responses
  • Engaging activities and games
  • Multimedia integration and activities
  • Formative assessments and samples
  • Graphic organizers, charts, videos and more!
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