Non-Literary Unit: Political Cartoons


Our students have really enjoyed political cartoons.  They are rich multimodal texts that allow students to discuss Global Issues while examining the interplay between text and image.  Not only is this unit great for the Individual Oral, but it also builds excellent skills for Paper 1.  But, most importantly, this unit gives learners the academic speaking and writing skills they need to succeed in university.

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This complete unit includes the following components:

  • 10 complete lessons with video tutorials for teachers
  • 8 complete Bodies of Work
  • 3 summative assessment options with student samples/examiner comments
  • Formative assessments with exemplars
  • Complete set of graphic organizers
  • Paper 1 skill-building activities
  • Individual Oral skill-building activities
  • Formats included: PDF, Google Docs and Google Slides (editable)


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Non-Literary Unit: Political Cartoons
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