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Non-Literary Unit: Political Cartoons

Our students have really enjoyed political cartoons.  They are rich multimodal texts that allow students to discuss Global Issues while examining the interplay between text and image.  Not only is this unit great for the Individual Oral, but it also builds excellent skills for Paper 1.  But, most importantly, this unit gives learners the academic speaking and writing skills they need to succeed in university.


Non-Literary Unit: Ads & PSAs

It seems everywhere we look, someone is trying to persuade us to buy a product or support a cause.  Accordingly, it's important students understand the tools of persuasion and how companies and organizations use multimodal texts to encourage us to take action.  This unit builds key skills necessary for the IO and Paper 1, and it also includes one of our favorite creative tasks - an advertising pitch!  Our students love this unit and so do we!


Teacher Resource Pack - Paper 1

Paper 1 can be tricky sometimes. Guiding questions, thesis statements, textual references, interpretation, authorial choices, evaluation...there's a lot for teachers (and students) to remember!  Not to worry.  Our Paper 1 Teacher Resource Pack has everything you and your students need to know to thrive on this assessment.  We break down the skills and provide the activities and samples needed for success.


Non-Literary Unit: Photography

Our students love to deconstruct images, and this unit is packed with 9 fantastic Bodies of Work from a range of international photographers.  We like to teach this unit early in the course, as it provides a solid foundation for the visual analysis skills needed to excel in this course.  While we're not pretending to be experts in photography, we also realize the obvious necessity for students to have some skills and terminology to break down the multimodal texts frequently encountered on assessments.


Non-Literary Unit: Speeches & TED Talks

For 10 years running, we've hosted TED Talks at our school.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most memorable experiences for our students during the entire IB program, and we're eager to share this content with others.  In addition to exploring a Body of Work from Bill Gates, students will develop their own speaking skills while also paying attention to body language, speaking style, and the creation of impactful graphics.  This, combined with guidance in research, Paper 1, and the IO makes this one of our more robust units.  So, if speeches and public speaking are something you would like your students to work on, we feel this unit is a perfect match.


Teacher Resource Pack - Paper 2

Yes, Paper 2 is back in play, and many teachers and students are nervous about what lies ahead.  Not to worry!  We have you covered.  This complete Teacher Resource pack breaks down this assessment into its parts and skills, and there are many activities and examples to help your students flex their Paper 2 muscles on exam day.


Teacher Resource Pack - Higher Level Essay (HLE)

This complete HLE Teacher Resource Pack has all teachers and students need to succeed on this 1500-word academic essay.  In addition to the 6 leveled sample papers, there is extensive information about generating Lines of Inquiry, writing introductions, writing body paragraphs, and writing conclusions.  There are also links to many charts and activities that teachers can implement in their classrooms immediately.


Paper 1 Moderation Pack

As experienced examiners and team leaders, we understand the Paper 1 scoring criteria and how to apply this tool correctly to student work.  Each of the five student responses to this unseen Paper 1 text is complete with annotations, examiner comments, and a comprehensive video discussion where we break down what's good, what needs work, and teacher implications for future work.

Don't be disappointed by mismarked samples floating around the internet.  These samples provide a range of scores that will help you effectively apply the criteria and guide your students to Paper 1 success!


IO - Practice Sets

Are you tired of depressing Global Issues?  So are we.  This Individual Oral Practice Set offers students the uplifting, clear, and accessible poetry of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Mary Oliver.  Students and teachers may pair these poems with either the Academy Award-winning documentary, My Octopus Teacher, or an advertising print campaign from The North Face. Regardless of which pathway you choose, you will be impressed by how quickly your learners improve in this vital IB English assessment!


Teacher Resource Pack - Individual Oral

As examiners, we can see that this assessment is still problematic for both teachers and students.  With so many moving parts to deliver in a short time, it's critical that candidates know exactly what to, when to do it, and for how long.  This Teacher Resource Pack builds all the key skills for constructing effective Global Issue statements, breaking down extracts, discussing the Work as a Whole (or BoW as a Whole), and much more.  Believe it or not, this is our favorite assessment, and we think it will be yours too once you see how dynamic and fun it can be!


IO Moderation Pack

The Individual Oral assessment can be challenging, and it's even tougher when relying on the numerous inaccurately scored samples floating around on the internet.  We are experienced examiners and team leaders for this component, and we understand the scoring criteria inside and out.  This IO moderation pack provides 5 sample recordings on a range of literary and non-literary text combinations, and each recording comes with an annotated transcript, written examiner comments, and a video with Dave and Andrew discussing how to accurately apply the criteria.  Each video also includes implications for further teaching.

Don't be fooled by bad samples.  Use this IO Assessment Moderation Pack to help your students score the points they deserve!





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