Non-Literary Unit: Advertisements and PSAs

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It seems everywhere we look, someone is trying to persuade us to buy a product or support a cause.  Accordingly, it’s important students understand the tools of persuasion and how companies and organizations use multimodal texts to encourage us to take action.  This unit builds key skills necessary for the IO and Paper 1, and it also includes one of our favorite creative tasks – an advertising pitch!  Our students love this unit and so do we!

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This complete unit includes the following components:

  • 10 complete lessons with video tutorials for teachers
  • 12 complete Bodies of Work
  • 3 summative assessment options with student samples/examiner comments
  • Formative assessments with exemplars
  • Complete set of graphic organizers
  • Paper 1 skill-building activities
  • Individual Oral skill-building activities
  • CREATIVE TASK – Advertising Pitch
  • Formats included: PDF, Google Docs and Google Slides (editable)

1 review for Non-Literary Unit: Advertisements and PSAs

  1. Mara Horowitz

    Mara (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic resource! It is so well put together and easy to follow. Each lesson is clearly explained and absolutely ready to go. The BOWs are very interesting and contain plenty for students to analyse. Purchasing this resource has made me feel like I have a head start this year and I am so grateful for that! I am very excited to use this with my students. Thanks so much for this truly excellent unit!

    • Andrew Cohen


      Thank you for the kind review, Mara. We are happy you like the resource. We highly recommend the advertising pitch activity…our students dress up and really go for it! Best of luck on the new school year.

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Non-Literary Unit: Advertisements and PSAs
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