Non-Literary Unit: Speeches & TED Talks


For 10 years running, we’ve hosted TED Talks at our school.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most memorable experiences for our students during the entire IB program, and we’re eager to share this content with others.  In addition to exploring a Body of Work from Bill Gates, students will develop their own speaking skills while also paying attention to body language, speaking style, and the creation of impactful graphics.  This, combined with guidance in research, Paper 1, and the IO makes this one of our more robust units.  So, if speeches and public speaking are something you would like your students to work on, we feel this unit is a perfect match.



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This complete unit includes the following components:

  • 10 complete lessons with video tutorials for teachers
  • Complete Body of Work (Bill Gates) + other student TED Talk samples
  • Guidance on how to host TED Talks at your school
  • Summative assessment options with student samples/examiner comments
  • Formative assessments with exemplars
  • Complete set of graphic organizers
  • Paper 1 skill-building activities
  • Individual Oral skill-building activities
  • Formats included: Google Docs, Google Slides, pdf


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