Online Workshop, November 5, 2022 (9 AM until 4 PM)

Meeting Ended 05 Nov 2022
Duration: 6 Hours
Price: $250.00


Participants of this 1-day online weekend workshop will receive resources they can use immediately.  As we share content, we’ll show you the dynamic and interactive teaching strategies that consistently help our students earn the scores they desire.  We’ll divide the session as follows:

Session 1:

  • It seems there are endless ways to organize this 2-year program.  Some prefer building around Areas of Exploration while others like Global Issues.  How about Thematic Units or planning around UN Sustainable Development Goals?  Once we share ideas, we’ll move on to skills and activities students need to master Paper 1.

Session 2:

  • The Individual Oral is giving teachers and students fits.  As examiners, it breaks our hearts when candidates do poorly simply because they are confused about what to do.  This session will offer a range of activities and skills that will help students excel on this assessment.

Session 3:

  • We know…everyone is nervous about Paper 2.  This morning session will deliver all you need to know about selecting the right texts, breaking down assessment questions, and how students can showcase their best comparative writing.

Session 4:

  • It’s Higher Level Essay time!  Dave will share his journey and the metacognitive processes that produced his work.  We’ll also give you the graphic organizers and framework to help your students produce work they are proud of.


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