Paper 1 Moderation Pack


As experienced examiners and team leaders, we understand the Paper 1 scoring criteria and how to apply this tool correctly to student work.  Each of the five student responses to this unseen Paper 1 text is complete with annotations, examiner comments, and a comprehensive video discussion where we break down what’s good, what needs work, and teacher implications for future work.

Don’t be disappointed by mismarked samples floating around the internet.  These samples provide a range of scores that will help you effectively apply the criteria and guide your students to Paper 1 success!

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This 37-page Paper 1 Assessment Moderation Pack includes the following:

  • 1 unseen Paper 1 assessment (vintage print advertisement) with Guiding Question
  • 5 unannotated sample responses written by students
  • 5 annotated responses illustrating key aspects of the assessment
  • Written examiner scoring comments
  • Video discussion where Dave and Andrew accurately apply the criteria
  • Considerations for further teaching of the component


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Paper 1 Moderation Pack
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