Graphic memoirs can be powerful text types.  This complete unit will guide students and build the key visual and language skills necessary for rich analysis and interpretation.  If you haven’t read Satrapi’s work, now is the time.  If this is already one of your core texts, let us help your learners score the points they deserve on assessment!

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As examiners, we’ve seen countless students use Persepolis (Part 1) for assessment.  Sadly, many students fail to unpack how Marjane Satrapi uses both language AND visuals to shape meaning.  Our unit will successfully lead students through this powerful graphic memoir and discuss BOTH the language and visual features that make this one of the most popular IB texts studied globally.  When done correctly, this text leads to big points on assessment.  Let us guide you!

This literary unit includes:

  • 7 detailed lessons
  • Essential contextual background
  • Formative assessments
  • 2 summative pathways
  • Discussion questions
  • Student sample writing
  • Range of speaking and writing activities
  • Graphic organizers, sentence stems, and more!
Abram Arif


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