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Sometimes, we need to give kids a break from “doom and gloom” literature and do something fresh and new. This Taylor Swift unit covers a range of songs and global issues that truly matter to our students. Swift’s work is fast becoming a popular English course in leading universities worldwide, and this unit will show you why. Enjoy!

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This unit, centered around key themes like relationships, identity, and mental health, features 25 curated songs. Our Choice Board offers a deep dive into what makes Swift a “generational artist” and a worthy recipient of Time magazine’s 2023 “Person of the Year.”  We are proud of this unit which includes:

  • 10 complete lessons with 2 summative assessment pathways

  • 25 curated songs ready for annotation

  • Discussion activities with sample responses

  • Academic speaking and writing practice with samples

  • Choice, creativity, and fun!

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Taylor Swift
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