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As examiners, we can see that this assessment is still problematic for both teachers and students.  With so many moving parts to deliver in a short time, it’s critical that candidates know exactly what to, when to do it, and for how long.  This Teacher Resource Pack builds all the key skills for constructing effective Global Issue statements, breaking down extracts, discussing the Work as a Whole (or BoW as a Whole), and much more.  Believe it or not, this is our favorite assessment, and we think it will be yours too once you see how dynamic and fun it can be!

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The Teaching the Individual Oral Resource Pack includes the following:

  • Clear presentation of the task and what teachers and students need to know
  • Complete break down of teaching fundamental skills such as:
    • Helping students choose texts
    • Locating and deconstructing extracts
    • Discussing the Work as a Whole (BoW as a Whole)
    • How to handle multimodal texts
    • Signposting and key sentence stems
  • Additional resources:
    • Practice activities to get students speaking in an academic way
    • The “Mini-IO” practice assignment
    • Complete set of graphic organizers with completed samples
    • 4 sample recordings with examiner comments
  • Available as Google Doc or pdf

3 reviews for Teacher Resource Pack – Individual Oral

  1. Bianca Pellet

    This is a detailed resource that will undoubtedly be helpful to instructors. Key misconceptions are addressed from the outset and each of the criteria are unpacked thoroughly. Activities are also provided to help students prepare for their IO, with teachers being taken through the process step by step – vital for those who are new to the curriculum, as well as being useful to those who have already taught the course for a few years. Sentence starters are given by way of scaffolding to assist students regarding Criterion D, which could be especially useful for students who are weaker in English or who have English as an additional language. All templates are also given as blank versions for student use. While there are perhaps a few minor improvements to be made (e.g. proofreading; provision of key to interpret highlighting), this is nonetheless a rich bank of advice and activities that will be beneficial to any teacher helping their students prepare for the IO.

    • Andrew Cohen


      Thank you for the review, Bianca. We know you are an experienced examiner, and we appreciate the support. We’ll be sure to proofread the work again and insert any missing highlighting keys – thanks for bringing it to our attention. Just like our students, we cannot improve without feedback!

  2. Charlotte Davis

    Thank you so much Mr. Cohen and Mr. Giles for sharing your years’ worth of expertise in this lifesaver exam pack!
    Ever since the DP English Language and Literature course was amended, preparing students for the Individual Oral has been a challenging task for me mainly due to the fact that guidance from IBO wasn’t that clear about the nitty-gritty of this assessment component. Furthermore, given that most of my students lack adequate oratory skills, it is an unnerving task to teach them these skills especially because they have to balance so many elements in their 10-minute oral presentation. This exam pack made my life so much easier because now I can teach this rather difficult assessment component in an effective and structured way through the practical and straightforward skill augmenting activities provided in this pack. The sample IOs provided in this pack are of excellent quality and perfectly represent exam standards unlike the samples available on MYIB and other teacher support websites. Also, the graphic organizers provided for organizing ideas and extracts are fabulous because they make the planning process streamlined for both my students and me. This pack is a must have for all DP English Language and Literature teachers!

  3. Sammy (verified owner)

    Fabulous guide and set of resources. I’ve worked with this course for years, but really appreciate the to-the-point way the IB English Guys systematically approach this ‘new’ task. It pairs quite well with the free YouTube videos too!

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Teacher Resource Pack – Individual Oral
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