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Yes, Paper 2 is back in play, and many teachers and students are nervous about what lies ahead.  Not to worry!  We have you covered.  This complete Teacher Resource pack breaks down this assessment into its parts and skills, and there are many activities and examples to help your students flex their Paper 2 muscles on exam day.



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The Teaching Paper 2 Resource Pack includes the following:

  • Clear presentation of the task and what teachers and students need to know
  • Complete break down of teaching fundamental skills such as:
    • Comparative analysis
    • Organization and outlining
    • Crafting comparative thesis statements
    • Introductions and conclusions
    • Effective body paragraphs
    • Key sentence stems for success
  • Additional resources:
    • Activities on breaking down Paper 2 questions
    • Complete set of graphic organizers with completed samples
    • 4 sample Papers with examiner comments

2 reviews for Teacher Resource Pack – Paper 2

  1. Aisha Rehman

    “The resources are fully packed and easy to use. Taking guidance
    for the Paper 2 comparative essay from the IB English Guys Website was a great
    experience. It not only contains teaching strategies but also provides a complete
    methodology for structuring the paper and activities related to it making the class
    active and learning enjoyable. It’s worth subscribing to their resources not only
    for the Paper 2 Comparative Essay but for the other components of IBDP English
    Language and Literature. Thank you for posting the valuable resources, Andrew
    and David.
    More power to you guys!
    -Aisha Rehman
    IB Teacher Pakistan

  2. Charlotte Davis

    I want to thank Mr Cohen and Mr Giles from the bottom of my heart for sharing their unmatched expertise through this well designed and valuable exam pack!

    The lack of resources for the new paper 2 has been worrying me since IBO announced that paper 2 is back for the May 2023 cohort. The majority of my students have virtually no experience of reading and analyzing literary works, as a result their paper 2 essays are essentially plot summaries. If truth be told, I was confused about the requirements of this particular assessment component because I haven’t taught the previous DP English Language and Literature syllabus, which had a somewhat similar assessment. However, I feel positive now because of this godsent exam pack! This pack is articulately written to provide extensive guidance about the nitty-gritty of this assessment. The activities provided in this pack are heuristic in nature, which step by step outline the process behind authoring a successful paper 2. Furthermore, the sample essays provided with detailed examiner’s commentary are authentic and of exquisite quality. This pack is a classroom essential for all DP English Language and Literature teachers!

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