The Handmaid’s Tale


This important novel hits just as hard today as it did when it was published in 1985. If you’re looking to engage students in important discussions about gender, power, corruption, and control, then you can’t go wrong with Atwood’s masterpiece!

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Dive into Margaret Atwood’s critically acclaimed dystopian masterpiece, The Handmaid’s Tale. Themes of oppression, freedom, power, and resistance remain as relevant and compelling for readers today as ever. Atwood’s use of language and narrative techniques are great for the IO, Paper 2, and HLE, as her commentary explores a range of important topics and global issues. Atwood’s profound insights into the human condition make this novel an essential choice for all high school curriculums. Give it a try!

The Handmaid’s Tale unit includes:

  • Ten detailed lessons
  • Two assessment pathways with samples
  • Background research activity
  • Engaging classroom activities
  • Sample responses for all exercises and activities
  • Graphic Organizers (blank and completed)
  • Passages ready to annotate with solutions
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The Handmaid’s Tale
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