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Individual Oral

Trust us – we know the Individual Oral assessment is tough.  We know it causes anxiety for many students, but we also know that properly preparing for this assessment is the key to success.  Thus, we proudly present our IO Complete Course – Start to Finish.  We believe this is some of our best work yet!

This step-by-step course  is packed with videos, graphic organizers, sample recordings, annotated transcripts, and everything else you need to earn the marks you covet on this assessment.  In fact, the vast majority of our students follow this same process and achieve their goals.  Join them!

We subscribe to the “we go, you go” mentality.  This means that we explain and model each step, work through student samples, and then ask you to repeat the same step for your chosen IO works.  In the end, you will complete your entire IO under our guidance and supervision.  Once this is finished, all that’s left is to practice and wow your teacher with your performance!

The IO Complete Course – Start to Finish includes:

  • 15 mini-lessons with supporting documents modeling the entire IO process
  • 100+ minutes of NEW video content not available on YouTube
  • 3 complete student recordings with highlighted transcripts
  • 20+ graphic organizers
  • Sample outlines
  • Guidance on formatting extracts
  • Guidance on completing official IO forms
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