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Complete Study Guide - Paper 1 and Paper 2

We understand navigating our website can be tough.  There are literally 125+ videos to choose from, and sometimes we don’t know where to find what we’re looking for.  No worries!  This Complete Paper 1 and Paper 2 Study Guide has stripped down the best of our website content to just the essentials. No more clicking around and getting lost.  Everything you need to succeed is here!​​

The Complete Study Guide for Paper 1 and Paper 2 includes:

  • 250+ pages of updated review material!
  • The best of our website videos and documents
  • NEW content not available on our website
  • 20 highlighted papers with examiner notes
  • Discussion videos justifying marks on sample papers
  • Full assortment of graphic organizers
  • Sentence stems and other guidance for analysis

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Abram Arif

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