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Paper 1 can be tricky sometimes. Guiding questions, thesis statements, textual references, interpretation, authorial choices, evaluation…there’s a lot for teachers (and students) to remember!  Not to worry.  Our Paper 1 Teacher Resource Pack has everything you and your students need to know to thrive on this assessment.  We break down the skills and provide the activities and samples needed for success.

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The Teaching Paper 1 Teacher Resource Pack includes the following:

  • Clear presentation of the task and what teachers and students need to know
  • Complete break down of teaching fundamental skills such as:
    • Close reading
    • Outlining
    • Crafting thesis statements
    • Introductions and conclusions
    • Effective body paragraph
    • Key sentence stems from success
  • Additional guidance:
    • Writing about language texts
    • How to deconstruct and write about images
    • Working with multimodal texts
    • Considering different learning styles
    • Teaching students how to self-assess with exemplars
  • Sample Papers with Examiner Comments
    • Literature (2 samples)
    • Language and Literature (2 samples)

1 review for Teacher Resource Pack – Paper 1

  1. Charlotte Davis

    This comprehensive teaching pack is a blessing for me. Teaching the new paper 1 was a daunting task for me, but it isn’t now because of this ingeniously crafted teaching pack. Not only have I become more confident when it comes to teaching indispensable skills required for guided textual analysis, but my lessons also have become much more engaging. This pack is a must-have for all DP English A teachers as it provides a practical skill-building framework that promotes critical and analytical thinking in students. Thank you so much Mr. Cohen and Mr. Giles for creating this!

    • Andrew Cohen


      Thank you for the review, Charlotte. We’re very happy that you and the students are benefiting from our work. Please reach out anytime and let us know what else you need to be successful in the classroom!

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Teacher Resource Pack – Paper 1
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