Complete Guides for Paper 1, Paper 2, Individual Oral, and HLE

We understand navigating our website can be tough. There are literally 125+ videos to choose from, and it’s easy to get lost. No worries! Our Study Guides are streamlined and include just the essentials. No more aimless clicking. Everything you need to succeed is here!

The Complete Study Guide for Paper 1 and Paper 2 includes the following:

Courses for Students

Students, we understand the pressure of IBDP English assessments.  Don’t stress…we’re here to help you out!

As longtime teachers and examiners, we have the strategies and tips you need to succeed on these important assessments.  Join us for these asynchronous downloadable courses and walk into your assessments with confidence!

Don’t be a passive student!  Sure, we can all casually watch YouTube videos, but will that really help us improve?  Maybe.  But, we all know that students need to be active to get the most benefit from our work.  

Each course below is carefully crafted and designed to lead you step-by-step through the assessment process.  We will model key skills and elements, and then you will repeat the steps and get access to samples for immediate feedback.

Trust us.  These courses are LOADED!  Don’t just be a viewer…be a doer!

Still Want More Paper 1 or Paper 2 Review?

As experienced teachers, we know there are many learning styles, and some students want more guidance.  If that sounds like you, we highly recommend our Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Review courses.  Through clear and easy-to-follow unseen videos, practice the entire process with new and unseen papers!

Planning Guide for the Individual Oral

There’s no reason to fear this assessment!  Once you understand what’s required, the rest can actually be quite enjoyable. As long-time IB teachers, we’ve identified key aspects each student should include in their IO.  Don’t plan and work alone.  Let us guide you!

The Individual Oral Complete Planning Guide includes the following:

Still Want More Individual Oral Support?

If you’re still feeling a bit uneasy, we’ve got you covered.  Our IO “Start to Finish” Course has 15 NEW videos and 3 NEW recordings.  Our “we go, you go” approach allows us to successfully model each step of the way.  It’s easy.  Watch us, follow our model, and we’ll guide you from start to finish!

Writing Guide For the Higher Level Essay

Don’t fear the HLE!  Let us guide you through the entire process.  We’ll leverage five complete HLE samples and show you how it’s done.  Start with the Line of inquiry and end with 1500 words you can celebrate.

The HLE Writing Guide includes:

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