Poetry: Duffy and Szymborska


If you’re looking for powerful female poets, Carol Ann Duffy and Wisława Szymborska are excellent choices. They both write clear and engaging work that hits a range of topics and global issues important to high school students. This unit includes a full range of poems for both authors. Teach them independently, together, or put them head to head in our “Poetry Tournament of Champions.” The choice is yours!

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As examiners, we’ve seen students use poetry with great success on a range of assessments. Accordingly, this unit offers a range of poems from Carol Ann Duffy (UK) and Wisława Szymborska (Poland, in translation) to give students a rich experience analyzing and interpreting poetry. This is one of our newest and most powerful resources, and we hope your students love it as much as ours!

This literary unit includes:

  • 10 complete lessons
  • Terms, activities, and games
  • Compare and contrast practice
  • Sample student writing with comments
  • Teacher discussion guides for poems
  • Ready-to-print-and-annotate bank of poems
  • Multiple assessment options
  • Graphic organizers, sentence stems, and more!


Abram Arif


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Poetry: Duffy and Szymborska
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